9 destinations to escape the winter cold

For work reasons I have been on vacation for several years in August and without being able to do it on other dates. After several destinations where the heat was suffocating, I decided that when I organized my trip I would go to places where the temperature was not too high in the summer.

But maybe something different will happen to you. Maybe you can't stand the cold and want to leave winter holidays and therefore look for destinations where you can escape from icy thermometers to find sun and heat. So keep reading, because today we tell you some ideas to travel away from the cold.

1. Costa del Sol (Spain)

If you don't feel like going too far in Spain We have wonderful destinations to avoid being cold. One of them may be the Costa del Sol, which has a very mild climate even in winter. You can enjoy the sea and the cultural offer of cities like Malaga.

2. Morocco

We are going to Africa. In Morocco It is not cold either and you have a lot of places to visit. You can stroll through the souks of Marrakech or Fez, eat tajines or delve into spectacular places such as the dunes of the Sahara.


3. The Canary Islands

We return to Spain and we make it to one of the quintessential winter destinations for lovers of good weather. The Canary Islands enjoy some very pleasant temperatures practically all year. You can visit Gran Canaria, Fuerteventura, Lanzarote or Tenerife, for example. In any of them you will forget that it is winter.

4. Cape Verde

We go back to Africa To get to know this archipelago of 10 islands that is located off the coast of Senegal. Here you can make routes through the volcanic islands of Isla do Fogo or Santo Antao, see the colorful houses of Santa María, on the island of Sal or enjoy the beaches of Santiago. No one will say that it is the middle of winter ...

5. Miami (United States)

Miami is one of those destinations that I visited in the middle of August and where I suffered hellish heat. But, on the contrary, it is a good place to travel to during the winter, since the temperatures are then very pleasant. Miami is a very charming place although I do not recommend it in summer.


6. Malta

malt It is a European destination full of attractions. Its winter is short and it is hardly cold, and also the prices during this time of year are much more affordable. We remind you of some of the essential places that you cannot miss if you visit this island.

7. Cuba

In Havana the temperature is quite good throughout the year. Although in winter they can drop a little, they do not drop below 20 degrees. Keep in mind that this time of year is high season there. We remind you which are the most important cities in this country, its best beaches and which places have been declared a World Heritage Site.


8. Cyprus

In Cyprus You will enjoy up to 20ºC during winter. It is a perfect time to practice trekking and to enjoy the nature of the island, which looks lush at the moment. In this post you can discover which are the most important cities in Cyprus

9. Madeira (Portugal)

In Madeira the temperatures are quite nice throughout the year, even in winter you will be able to bathe in the sea. You will be able to know its natural landscapes, its beaches and its culture. In addition, two festivals take place in January that will enchant lovers of sports, mountains and hiking: they are the Madeira Orientation Festival and the Madeira Hiking Festival.

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