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On the banks of the Pegnitz river in Germany, is one of the most important cities in Bavaria, Nuremberg or Nürnberg in German. If you walk the streets of this ancient city you will feel as if you have moved to what was the most flourishing time of the city, the Middle Ages.

Your cimperial shipyard and from medieval times, the Kaiserburg, stands out above the rest of the monuments of the old city. Which is also surrounded by approximately five kilometers of walls with about eighty towers and turrets. The bourgeois houses and the old ones gothic churches that you will find in Nürmberg reflect and demonstrate what the city was like back in the Middle Ages. Even so, not everything in Nuremberg is past, since this municipality of more than half a million inhabitants is today the second most important economic center of all Bavaria.

Thousands of tourists visit the city every year, being one of the favorite places to see the Alberto Duero's house (one of the most famous artists of the Renaissance). This house was built in 1420 and how could it be otherwise its architectural style is the same as that of the typical bourgeois houses in the city. It was built with half-timbered walls and stonework. Another of the most visited sites is the National Museum of the German Republic, in which you can discover the history, culture and art of the city from its prehistoric era to the present day.

In addition to this, every year a large number of events are held in Nuremberg, among which the most important could be said to be the international music and poetry festival, the Bardentreffen. Also important are the old town festivalAltstadtfest, which is the largest in all of Germany, or the famous Christmas market, the Christkindlesmarkt (the one that appears in the image).

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