Discover the city of Nancy in France

In the northwestern France, in the region named Lorena, is the city of Nancy. With a population of over four hundred thousand inhabitants, this French city is the capital of the Meurthe-et-Moselle department of that region. More specifically, Nancy is in the lower course area of ​​the Meurthe river and therefore near the confluence of this with the Moselle river. This turns the city into a two-channel river port, the Marne-Rhine and the Paris-Nancy.

This French city also has an attractive and tourist old town where you can enjoy places like the Durcal Palace, the Place de la Crrière, the Stanislas Square or the Alliance Square, among others. In this last place you should not overlook the impressive wrought iron work that you will find in it. In the region where Nancy is located, another material that identifies with the place is also famous: glass.

The city also has several museums, among which we highlight the Lorrain Museum, the Nancy School Museum, the Museum of Fine Arts (where you can enjoy its Daum collection), and finally the Aquarium Museum. In Nancy you will also find numerous gardens and parks. It is a city that has a botanical heritage that it has inherited from its past. Among all these parks and gardens, the most beautiful is the Montet Botanical Garden, where you can see approximately twenty thousand plant species.

If you walk through any of its green spaces, unique for its wealth and diversity, you will have the opportunity to relive the story of Nancy. These are not the only attractions of this city, since you can also find others such as the covered market, the water gardens, the recreational port or the alley of the Petites Ecuries.

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