10 fairytale towns in Europe

When we think of traveling by EuropeNormally, names of such important cities as London, Barcelona, ​​Madrid, Paris, Rome come to mind ... However, in the old continent there is much more to explore, since there are towns that look like something out of a story.

In case you want to plan an alternative route visiting some of those towns, I recommend you take note of what I tell you next. I have selected 10 amazing towns, each from a different country.

1- Hallstatt (Austria)

It is spectacular. Normal than Unesco It will qualify it as the most beautiful town on the shore of a lake. Its houses are beautiful and the nature that surrounds it quickly envelops you. In addition, there is the possibility of taking a boat trip on the lake, something that I highly recommend after having had the fortune to do so.

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2- Bled (Slovenia)

Slovenia is not a very tourist country, but it should be considering that there are towns like Bled on its territory. Its waters surround an island that stands out thanks to the beauty of the church of Saint Mary of the Assumption, where there is a beautiful bell tower that attracts tourists who mix with the little more than 10,000 inhabitants who live in this town.

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3- Oia (Greece)

This Santorini town is a delight. I dare say that it is one of the most beautiful in the Mediterranean, since its architecture is unmistakable and we can enjoy sunsets that are not seen everywhere.

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4- San Gimignano (Italy)

It is a walled town of medieval origin which is in the highest part of Tuscany, about 35 minutes by car from an Italian city as important as Siena. In the past, families struggled to raise towers as high as possible as it was a symbol of power and wealth. Today, barely 8,000 people live.

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5- Peratallada (Spain)

You don't have to go far to see the beauty of a fairytale town. Peratallada, in the province of Girona, is one of the most beautiful towns in Spain by far. It is because it allows you to travel to the Middle Ages enjoying with its stone streets and its castle, in addition to the vines, which run through many of their houses so that the image is worthy of praise.

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6- Fredrikstad (Norway)

It is the largest on this list, and more than a town arguably a city. That does not prevent him from having a good dose of charm due to the fact that he kept a moat that they defended tooth and nail. Today that history is mixed with homes that transmit joy and cafes full of life.

7- Rothenburg ob der Tauber (Germany)

Surely you have seen it in photos more than once and you have said that you want to go there. It is the typical town of Bavaria with an architecture that falls in love quickly. In addition, it preserves its medieval center in perfect condition, which you can reach walking on cobbled streets that you will not tire of walking.

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8- Dinant (Belgium)

In the province of Namur, rather in the south of Belgium, Dinant stands out as one of the country's jewels for its ancient citadel, which you can access by climbing a funicular or climbing more than 400 steps. You choose.

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9- Lauterbrunnen (Switzerland)

If you like nature and you enjoy being in contact with the environment, you are already taking time to schedule an excursion through this town in the Jungfrau region. You will not get tired of seeing mountains, waterfalls and lots of vegetation.

10- Ribe (Denmark)

Close this list Ribe, which is the oldest town in Denmark. It is in the southwest of Jutland and attracts tourists with its Viking museum, the Ribe Cathedral and its many old buildings, of which there are 110 sheltered houses. If you go up to the Torre de los Plebeyos you will be delighted with privileged views of the area.

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