Knowing Chad

Chad It has had a really interesting history from its beginnings. It all started around the great Lake Chad, although currently the title of "great" is losing it due to the decrease in size. Although the traditions are deeply rooted in the beliefs of the most conservative society, the people of the area have a big heart after all they have been experiencing over time. Chad is becoming a very interesting place to meet wildlife where to enjoy great attractive natural.

Let's start with the history: Chad was first defined as a national territory in 1910 and gained its independence from France in 1960. Since then, it has been subject to great political instability led to great tensions, largely due to religious and cultural divisions between the Muslim north, Christian and animist south. The people of Chad are quite relaxed and friendly, but their beliefs and customs traditional.

N’Djamena, the capital of Chad, is a very pleasant city. Although part of the architecture is in ruins, or at least has large bullet holes, it is full of hospitable and friendly people. A walk through the city can teach you the different points of view of the new part and the old part of the city. city.

If you can take a walk through the Central MarketDo not miss the rugs and jewelry that you can buy. It is best to try your trading techniques before making any purchase. Don't miss a visit to National Museum, which contains the most important collections of the Sarh culture dating from the 9th century.

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