Travel to Alberta

Alberta It is a paradise for nature lovers. Its lands are enriched by immense open spaces and spectacular sunsets. The province is famous for the well-known peaks of the glorious Rocky Mountains and the beauty of its parks, not to mention the first national park in Canada, Banff.

Contrary to popular belief, Alberta also has vast plains, but it is in the Rocky mountains where visitors find much more fun. You can drive on the road Icefields Parkway. You can also go hiking through the immense wooded parks. You will be surprised, by this same mountainous area, the lakes that you will find. The images you collect with your camera will be worthy of a great postcard.

You should not forget to visit the so-called history museum, Fort Edmonton Park. In it, you will discover that Alberta populated by the prospectors who went crazy continually searching for gold, around 1897. You will also learn more about the discovery of oil south of Edmonton in 1947, which assured the city of its future, making it one of the fastest growing metropolitan areas in Canada.

Edmonton, it deserves a great visit. If you decide to visit it during the month of July, you can enjoy different activities that take place in the area, such as some fairs and concerts. Edmonton organizes different events in which the days of the gold rush are relived. Discover everything you can about this "natural”Destination, since Alberta is an unforgettable place.


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