The most important cities of Panama

City of Panama
Panama is a country with great natural wealth, with its forests and national parks. Although it also has some cities worth knowing. Today we are going to review some of the most important ones so that you have a small approximation of what you will be able to find in them. The rest will have to be discovered by yourself when you visit them.

City of Panama

It is the capital of the country. In it you can enjoy its port, a old town which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Bridge of the Americas (which crosses the Panama Canal from one side to the other), the Metropolitan Cathedral of Panama, its Botanical Garden and several parks where you can explore nature. In 2013 it ranked second on the list of the Most Competitive Cities in Latin America.

Santiago de Veraguas

In this city in the interior of the country you can visit several places of interest, such as the Normal school Juan Demóstenes Arosemena and the homonymous park. This building was declared a National Historic Monument in 1984. You can also see the Cathedral of Santiago Apóstol or the Regional Museum of Veraguas.


Bull's mouths

It is the capital of the province that bears the same name and the urban center is found at one end of Isla Colón, closing Almirante Bay. A fire forced to rebuild it in 1904 and today it is a very tourist, headquarters of many hotels, restaurants and shops. In addition, it is the commercial and administrative center of the province, with air and sea communications.


This city is located in the northern part of the Panama Canal, near the Caribbean coast. Its commercial aspect is important due to the activity of its ports and the Colon free zone, the second largest in the world.



Penonomé is the capital of the province of Coclé. It has one of the most important carnivals in the country: the Aquatic Carnival of Penonomé, a celebration in which it is possible to know the customs of those who lived in this province in the past. On the other hand, you can also visit the Cathedral of San Juan Bautista or the Hermanos Arias Madrid museum. This city is close to the Pacific coast and with good communications to the capital of Panama.


David is the capital of the homonymous district and of the province of Chiriquí. It is considered the main urban center of this province and one of the largest and most developed in Panama. In him important commercial centers are located and also public institutions. It is the agricultural, industrial, commercial and livestock center of Chiriquí. Photography: Moto Gundy.



Chitré is the capital of the Herrera province. This place is also known as “the city that grows alone"Or" the city where nobody is a stranger. " In it we can visit the San Juan Bautista cathedral, with beautiful stained glass windows and an electronic bell tower. In the old town there is a historical complex with squares, parks, avenues, houses and churches. Likewise, it also has several museums.

The tables

Las Tablas is the capital of the province of Los Santos. Here we can visit the Belisario Porras house museum, which is located in front of Las Tablas Park. Belisario Porras was three times president of Panama, as well as an architect, lawyer, writer, professor and journalist. In this museum it is possible to see some personal objects, books and decorations, among other things.

If you miss any other city in Panama, tell us in the comments and so together we can make a list as complete as possible;)


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