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Uzbekistan it is surrounded by Kazakhstan (to the west) and Kyrgyzstan (to the east). On the southern side, you can find Turkmenistan and Afghanistan. Sharing the borders with these countries for many the area is more of a blessing than a curse. In addition to having strategic partners for its economic development, its influences cultural They are impressive: medieval monuments, ruins and a lot of relics fill the museum that is in the country.

The mountains they look majestic with immense beauty. You can go on excursions in the area with amazing tranquility. The best seasons to go to Uzbekistan are during the spring and fall. Spring usually begins in May and ends in June. Between September and November you will also find a quite period autumnal. During this time the trees have the highest number of fruits.

In summer, which runs from July to August, you can dare to climb the mountains. During winter, temperatures can drop considerably, so the stay can be quite unpleasant. Before making your travelYou should get a little information about the customs of the country.

Learn to speak even a little of the language UzbekIt will be of great help to you. A large number of its population speaks Russian, but the further you move from the main cities, the less chance you have of communicating with people in Russian. The women They should avoid wearing shorts and are advised to dress conservatively. Homosexuality is illegal in the country. Otherwise, your stay in the country will surely become unforgettable.

Uzbekistan - Why You Should Visit Now & Tashkent Travel Guide (April 2021)

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