Travel Europe by train with Interrail

We offer you a cheap, fun and unique way to travel, the Interrail. It may seem that the train It is a somewhat outdated means of transport in these times. But it is not like that. Those uncomfortable trains of yesteryear are long gone. Nowadays, traveling by train is a fast and comfortable option. What better than this means of transport to traveling in Europe in the same week for example.

In all the European continent There are numerous and wonderful places that can be visited using the train. Day by day, reaches almost everywhere if not directly, through links. From Norway to Cádiz or from Athens to Marraketch, everything can be at your fingertips. Even some countries in North Africa are included in what is known as Interrail.

You can walk around 29 countries for a month, so you will have many possibilities when planning your trip. Regarding tickets, there are many types. Depending on how long you want to travel and how long you want to stay in a specific country, this will be the price. Below we offer you a list with the various Interrail zones:

Zone A: United Kingdom, Ireland
Zone B: Finland, Norway, Sweden
Zone C: Austria, Denmark, Germany, Switzerland
Zone D: Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia
Zone E: Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Netherlands
Zone F: Morocco, Portugal, Spain
Zone G: Greece, Italy, Slovenia, Turkey
Zone H: Bulgaria, Republic of Macedonia, Romania, Serbia and Montenegro

INTERRAIL GUIDE 2019 - How to travel Europe by train! (July 2024)

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