Influencers choose Paris as their favorite destination in 2018

Social networks play an important role in choose the destination of our next trip. In fact, the choices made by influencers Many times they become an example and inspiration to program the vacations of those who follow their accounts and blogs.

Kayak has carried out a study on the most visited destinations by 200 influencers across Europe and has compiled a list of Preferred cities and countries to travel in 2018. Paris is in the lead as the favorite city for foodies and fashionistas, but we will tell you all the results of this report below.

Paris, New York and London

The classification by cities preferred by influencers Europeans catapult up to podium a Paris (1), New York (2) and London (3). They are the destinations most frequented by those who operate freely on social networks and are cities with a lot of cultural offer and many things to see and do. And for photographing, of course, that in the end what it is about is teaching the journey on social networks.

East ranking difference between the preferred cities by the foodies and of the fashionistas. In the case of the former, the list looks like this:

1.- Paris
2.- New York
3.- London
4.- Los Angeles
5.- Berlin
6.- Lisbon
7.- Rome
8.- Copenhagen
9.- Barcelona
10.- Florence

The so-called fashionistas on the other hand, prefer the following destinations for 2018:

1.- Paris
2.- New York
3.- London
4.- Milan
5.- Los Angeles
6.- Ibiza
7.- Barcelona
8.- Venice
9.- Dubai
10.- Marrakech


How much can we fly?

As for the cheaper flights, the search engine highlights London, Copenhagen and Paris as the cities with the cheapest flights. Those who want a plane ticket to also cheap gastronomic destinations Copenhagen, Paris or Berlin will become a good choice. When it comes to crossing the pond or visiting other more distant cities, the trip becomes more expensive.

Top Ten of indispensable countries according to Spanish foodies and fashionistas

The influencers Spanish people also think in this report. For lovers of gastronomic tourism, the countries that we cannot miss are:

1.- Spain
2.- Portugal
3.- France
4.- Italy
5.- United States
6.- Holland
7.- Malta
8.- United Kingdom
9.- Switzerland
10.- Honduras

On the other hand, for those who love fashion the list is as follows:

1.- Spain
2.- United States
3.- Italy
4.- France
5.- Portugal
6.- United Kingdom
7.- Indonesia
8.- Mexico
9.- Grace
10.- Japan

Thus, Spain is also in fourth position within the countries that tourists more foodies yearn to visit in 2018. European countries are preferred by influencers nationals. Those who dedicate themselves more to the fashion world prefer the United States, Indonesia, Mexico or Japan in their top 10. Those who move more for the gastronomic theme opt for Portugal, France and Italy, destinations always recognized for their excellent gastronomy.


The best time to travel

The influencers Spaniards opt for the summer (between June and September) as the favorite time to travel. To the foodies however, they like doing it better winter.

How has this study been done?

To carry out this study, destinations have been chosen through the analysis of the Instagram profiles of more than 200 influencers from all over Europe. This study has taken place between August 1, 2016 and September 1, 2017.

Regarding the prices of flights reviewed, these are searches carried out in Kayak between April 1, 2017 and October 20 of this year for trips between January 1, 2018 and March 31. Therefore, they may vary according to their dates or availability.

And what do you think of these proposals? Would you like to travel to any of these destinations? Tell us which one is your favorite and why.

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