The castle of Mesones de Isuela

The villa of Mesones de Isuela belongs to the province of Saragossa and it is located in the valley of the Isuela river. Its structure is organized around the castle, with streets and slopes that converge on it.

The castle-palace Mesones de Isuela, is one of the most important from Aragon. He belonged to the Luna family, a lineage that gave illustrious men to politics and the Church. In 1370 Don Lope, the last representative of the Luna house, ordered the construction of the castle in order to defend the borders with Castile.

Its structure, totally rectangular and closed to the outside, has six turrets and is kept in very good condition. Styles predominate in its architecture Gothic Y Franco-Gothic, except for the chapel of Our Lady of the Angels, located in the northeast tower, which is mudejar. This piece is considered one of the most beautiful monuments in Europe. The interior of the nave is covered by small polychrome tables and figures, on the roof, and the image of the Virgin dates from XV century. In addition to this, there is a ship baroque which was added later, in the XVII century.

In the parade ground some rooms can still be seen underground, communicated by passageways, which were once used as warehouses or stables and are currently in good condition.

Church of the Assumption

Built in brick and masonry, the architecture of this temple that is located in the center of the town is of style mudejar (century XVI). Inside they are preserved altarpieces from the same period, except for the one dedicated to Santa Lucia, which dates back to the 18th century. The singularity of its tower, built on a square plan and the octagonal upper body, makes it stand out above all.

Castillo de Mesones de Isuela (January 2022)

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