The Beach of the Cathedrals

Las Catedrales Beach, in Galician As Catedrais, is the tourist name by which Playa de las Aguas Santas is known. The appearance of their cliffs she is the person in charge of which this place is known by that name. It is located on the Galician coast of Lugo, specifically about ten kilometers west of the municipality of Ribadeo, on the Cantabrian Sea.

Declared Natural monument by the Ministry of Environment of the Junta de Galicia, its arches and caves they are what makes you different. They are appreciable on the beach, but only at low tide. When the tide is low it is the best time to contemplate from the sand the magnitude of its cliffs and its sea caves. Some caves from which you can see the various formations that it has acquired fundamentally due to the erosive action of sea water and waves.

However, the charm of the place is such that it is still interesting to see the beach at high tide. With high tide the beach becomes small, although it is still suitable for bathing. This is when a long arenal It is delimited by a huge slate wall and shale. A rocky wall that is eroded in a unique way. The bows more than thirty meters high that have been formed are those that recall the flying buttresses of cathedrals. Hence the name of the Playa de las Catedrales.

But that's not all. Huge sand corridors between the rocks and grottos tens of meters, complete the majesty of the place. It is also interesting to go west-east in the upper part of its cliffs. A beach that is undoubtedly different and therefore beautiful.

CATHEDRAL BEACH / Spain (May 2021)

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