Cape Town

The immensity of African continent It has infinity of unique places to discover. One of these places is the Cape Town. It was discovered there by her year 1487 by a navigator, Bartolomé Díaz, who would give the place where the city is located the name of Cape of Storms. It is not very difficult to imagine the reason for this name. Today we know this cape as the Cape of Good Hope. Name given to it for being considered a good place for the business of maritime commerce.

Focusing more on the city, in its center known as Main road, you can find a great diversity of accommodation for all kinds of pockets. In this main street is the heart of the city. It is riddled with trendy venues and raucous colors. Furthermore, both its cosmopolitan atmosphere as their great night life, make the city a good tourist attraction. In general, the rest of its streets are full of rhythm.

However, there is something that makes it special. his geography. On the peninsula on which it is located, there is a steep mountain range that ends in Punta del Cabo and stands out in the Atlantic Ocean. So, from it you can enjoy some awesome visits towards the ocean. Also protected by a natural wall, the Mount table, inside we can find numerous spikes and impressive cliffs of an intense greenery.

It is a good place for wine lovers, since in this region there are a large number of wineries. In fact, routes for wine tourism depart from the city. If you dare you can also go in search of the white sharks, a species that travels these coasts daily. Diving with them can be a once in a lifetime experience.

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