The angel's Jump

Southeast of Venezuela in the state of Bolívar and within Canaima National Park - Sixth in the world in extension - is the famous Angel Falls. Since almost one kilometer high the water falls into the void and turns into small drops of water that the wind drains soaking everything. It is so immense that it is hard to appreciate its full magnitude, but there is no doubt about its greatness.

It was discovered by an American pilot, Jimmy Angel, in the 1920s while searching for gold in the Venezuelan limits of the Amazon. This search was unsuccessful. However, he discovered a place to which he gave his name: the Angel Falls. He thus discovered lthe largest waterfall in the world.

The park in which this immense waterfall is located has one of the vegetation and fauna oldest in the world. There are also various mineral deposits, which include gold and diamond mines. It also shares the limelight with the Tepuis, immense sandstone towers that have been formed by erosion during its 180 million years.

To get to this Angel Falls avoiding long and expensive trips by land or by boat, the best thing is the plane. It is possible to enjoy an aerial perspective of the waterfall flying over it in a small plane if the day allows it. We can thus appreciate the beauty and magnitude of the place. From the same Canaima airport Both air and river routes leave for the Angel Falls, which cost between 20,000 and 25,000 bolivars.

Amy And Rory Jump | The Angels Take Manhattan | Doctor Who (March 2021)

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