Dare to know San José (Costa Rica)

Saint Joseph, is the heart of modern Costa Rica. With its restaurant chains, air-conditioned shopping malls, tall office buildings, and crowded streets, this city will provide you with the warmest hug you can imagine if you decide to spend your holidays.

Unfortunately, globalization has left numerous citizens deprived of their rights. The capital It faces several problems, including rising levels of poverty and crime. It is not surprising that San José suffers from that reputation of "dangerous" for foreign travelers. In fact, most visitors decide to take their stay as a place of passage to other cities.

Of course, San José is the real Costa Rica, and possibly the most authentic place in the whole area. Its history goes back to very humble origins. Actually started out as a village Spanish colonial, so its cultural tradition is very rich and varied. Colonial buildings still stand amid a much more modern urban landscape. Theaters, cinemas, bars ... are preserved in the city with a touch of classic modernity.

The markets San José is also very colorful, and a number of sophisticated museums are scattered throughout the city. In the end, however, what truly makes San José the central core of Costa Rica is the fact that the city is home to more than a third of its entire population. From Escazú's upper-class neighborhoods to working-class neighborhoods on the edge of the city, San José is truly the soul of the country. Although it may not impress with its charm, it will most certainly awaken your senses.

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