The Aqaba region in Jordan

The region of Aqaba It is located between the mountain and the sea, it is an exceptional region of southern Jordan, which is characterized by its wonderful beaches and a marine environment of enormous world fame. Discover all the beauty of Aqaba and live an unforgettable experience diving through the waters of the Red Sea.

Among the many treasures that are hidden in Jordan we find the beautiful Aqaba region, which is part of a gulf that has become one of the best known tourist places in Jordan. It is the main drive for lovers of marine fauna, being the preferred destination for all the most lovers of diving. The warm and crystalline waters of Aqaba, with temperatures ranging between 22 and 28 degrees, are the ideal environment to enjoy the scuba diving, thanks to the natural color of this environment.

The Coral reefs they are usually found less than 100 meters from the coast, they stand out for the rich tropical fish that swim among them. In general, any area stands out for the large number of dive sites located a few meters from the shore, since the bottom of the Gulf of Aqaba is an underwater gorge that plunges into the depths a short distance away. But the thing does not end here, in Aqaba it is also possible to carry out night diving excursions where you can admire the sea creatures that take advantage of those hours to go for a walk. Because it is an exceptional place for this sport, Aqaba has several diving centers where you can find a team to fully enjoy the bottom of the sea.

In addition, there are other activities and water sports available, thanks to the marine park. Another alternative to distract yourself is to take a ride on the typical glass-bottomed boats. It is a good opportunity to see the city from the sea, while looking at the coral reefs and animals that populate those warm waters.

In Aqaba it is also possible to enjoy a rich commercial life. Most of the shops are located on the main street of the city, where local merchants will invite you to a tea and offer you Jordanian products. his gastronomy It is something that you should also taste.

On the other hand, one of the main historical enclaves of Aqaba is the strong romper which was originally a crusader castle rebuilt by the Mamluks in the 16th century. Jordan is a city of spectacular growth in recent years, offering a crystal clear sea, a radiant sun and good time all year, in addition to a wide range of activities for all self-respecting tourists to set foot on their land.

Aqaba only coastal city of Jordan by the Red Sea (November 2022)

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