Mauritius is paradise on earth

Maurice Island It is a place to lose yourself in so much beauty. It is the closest thing to a paradise on earth: water sports, volcanic nature, a cosmopolitan air in the capital and luxury hotels with an African soul.

One of the hotels that we recommend is the «The Residence«, It is less than 50 km from the airport, a chauffeur picks you up and in an hour drops you at the gates of Eden, the hotel hall is one of the most spectacular you will ever see, where you will be greeted with a fresh cocktail of welcoming. If you are looking for amenities, you will immediately realize that you are in the right place. All rooms They have butler service, available to offer you any whim, just ask. Of course, the hotel has private beach and of several restaurants in which they cook fresh fish.

But not everything will be resting. The activity can be very diverse. Around the island there is a Coral barrier thanks to which the wild Indian Ocean is transformed into a friendly lagoon of turquoise blue water and white sand bottoms, through which they swim Colorful fish. You can ask a hotel boat to leave you in the middle of that lagoon with the right equipment, the experience will be almost like a documentary but in the first person. Also, you don't have to worry about sharks, since they never cross the coral reef. After taking a dip you can start other activities, the most fun is the skydiving, but you can also choose a catamaran excursion to the paradisiacal island of the Deer and the waterfall of the Grande Riviere.

The most recommended place to disconnect is the Grand bassin, a lake where Hindus come to make their prayers and offerings to various deities. Another equally magical place is the cliff of Gray Gray, one of the few stretches of coastline without a reef. The south of the island is where nature is at its purest, there you will see intact native forests, gorges and vertical waterfalls, peaks and cliffs ... Mauritius is like a dream but they really exist.

Mauritius - Paradise on Earth - Nature in 4K (Mavicpro/GalaxyS8) (June 2021)

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