Predjama Castle

Southwest of Slovenia is one of the most visited castles in Europe, Predjama Castle. Built in the 13th century, its tourist attraction is due to the place where it was built, as it is built at the mouth of a cave. A very curious situation to build a building of such dimensions, but if you think about it, it is an ideal place to build a castle. Accessing it is very difficult since it is about 120 meters high at the foot of a cliff.

Currently numerous Guided visits both the castle and the cave in which it is located. Regarding the visit inside the castle, visitors have the opportunity to know what life was like in that castle, thanks to the various restored rooms of the castle that the facilities and the original furniture.

Among the most interesting rooms in the entire castle are the residential rooms, the dungeons or the chapel. You can see inside also numerous weapons and oils of the time, in addition to a sculpture of Pierdad dating from 1420. Some pieces are already preserved in the National Museum of Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Seeing all this, we realize how the castle was adapted to the cave and its rock walls. Is cave Located behind the castle, it has three ways by which it can be accessed from the castle. Of the three, the best known is that of the stable. A curious site of this cave is the so-called Passage of Names. As we can discover with its name, this place is a corridor where the signatures of all the visitors who have passed by since the 16th century have been marked.

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