Living with a tribe in the Amazon jungle

Would you like to be part of a tribe? Various agencies are already offering trips to the Amazon jungle but in a totally different way than you can imagine. Nothing to follow trails or take boat trips. The best thing to know a place perfectly is to penetrate its entrails, and what better than to live with a tribe to discover the secrets that are hidden in a jungle as spectacular as this one is.

A trip in which you can contemplate the nature virgin and that will teach you the culture aboriginal. A unique experience that will allow you to discover the secrets of the jungle and live for a few days like you have never imagined before. Neither luxury hotels, nor civilization. You will find yourself before a tribe that will have customs, traditions and lifestyles very different from those of the rest of humanity.

It is a good way to discover the diversity and variety of the ecosystem, as well as coming into contact with nature. Both walking and canoeing, you can enter a fascinating world in which monkeys or parrots, among many other species of animals, will come out to welcome you. Is a adventure ideal for all those who seek wild nature together with ancient cultures.

Mundoexplora is an example among the various agencies that is in charge of preparing trips of this style. Contracting the trip with this agency for example, you would live with the Cofanes ethnic group for approximately nine days for about 2,000 euros. A not too excessive price, for which you can delve into the most extensive rain forest on the planet. If you dare with this, a journey full of emotion and adventure.

Life in the Amazon (November 2023)

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