Conditions for traveling with a baby on Ryanair

Are you going on a family vacation and traveling in a Ryanair plane with a baby? In that case it is convenient to take into account everything that I am going to tell you in this article, since the Irish airline has its conditions in this regard. For starters, it does not allow you to board your aircraft with a newborn younger than 7 days (inclusive).

Only if accompanied by an adult

Those who can travel are those between 8 days and 23 months, although they must do so accompanied by a adult over 16 years for every baby of that age. There is the possibility that you can travel on the lap of said adult, but in that case you do not have the right to check in luggage. Of course, the adult can carry his hand luggage, a small package and a bag that does not exceed 5 kilos with baby things.

Free equipment

Good news has to do with the fact that you can carry two items of baby / child equipment without incurring an extra charge. You get a free stroller and another item that can be the travel cot or the booster seat or car seat. They must be tagged at the baggage check-in counter at least 40 minutes before the flight departure time.

We can't go with a baby carriage until we reach our seat. It must be left next to the ladder of the plane, which is where it is subsequently collected. If you need a baby changing table, go to the back of the aircraft.

Ability to reserve a baby seat

Babies over one year old, who at that age are already considered children, can occupy a seat on the plane using the restraint system Amsafe CARES provided by Ryanair. The child's weight should be between 10 and 20 kilos and must be reserved by calling the call center.

If the child has more than 2 years and you want to use this restraint system, the reservation of all passengers can be carried out through the Ryanair website, but they must be contacted to take into account this particularity, since not all seats of their planes incorporate the system.

For a baby between 8 days and 23 months we can also hire a separate seatBut the little one will always travel in the lap of an adult over the age of 16 during take-off, landing and when the lights come on indicating that a seat belt is required.

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