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One of the most isolated cities on earth is called Perth. It is located at a latitude similar to that of Sydney, but more than 3,400 km (2,110 miles) to the west, approximately as far as London is from Beirut. Having grown up between the isolation of Melbourne and Sydney, the city has neither the pretensions nor the pace of life of these eastern cities. Australia.

With an impressive silhouette, Perth has been specially designed for its citizens. It is long, with wide streets They follow a classic grid pattern perfectly ordered, which makes it much more passable when it is visited. The parks are wonderful, especially Kings park, which offers impressive views of the city and the river.

Have 4 universities. In this way, its population is characterized by being culturally very diverse. This makes it a much more cosmopolitan place. The beaches that surround the city have become a haven of peace that contrasts with those of other much more lively areas. Perth's history goes back centuries and centuries old. The Swan River area was occupied by Australian Aborigines, some 50,000 years ago, before the arrival of the colonizers British.

When these arrived, he proclaimed his new colony in June 1829. With the help of the work of the convicts (prison around the city), the colony prevailed in harsh conditions. Thousands of immigrants flooded the area in 1850 due to the "Golden Rush". Perth was finally declared a city in 1871. After World War II immigration increased the population even further. Today it houses 1,47 millions of people.

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