Find out before traveling to Liberia

Before you start planning your trip to Liberia One thing to keep in mind: security in the unpredictable area. The country has been on the list of non-recommended countries to travel to for a long time. After almost two decades of war, Liberia seems to be slowly beginning to resurface. It seems that peace is maintained by all regions and Liberians are enthusiastic about the work of reconstruction from their homes.

If Liberia stabilizes and opens up for tourists, it will surely offer endless anecdotes to the most intrepid adventurers. The old hospitality and its enigmatic society do not leave anyone indifferent. Liberia's artistic traditions rivaled those of any part of the continent. The traditions are still alive but in a very secret way since it is difficult to show customs abroad in a country almost totally destroyed and traumatized.

Monrovia, it is still "alive" but it is still considered an unsafe place. The pity is that many travelers who love nature, for now, will not be able to enjoy its dense tropical forests full of hundreds of birds, elephants, pygmy hippos, etc.

Along the completely deserted coast, there are immense Beaches white sand that intermingle with some and quiet lagoons where you could enjoy unforgettable days. As we mentioned before, the current situation is quite positive, but before planning a trip to this area, it is best to contact the Ministry to find out exactly what the security conditions are.

10 Important Things To Know Before Visiting Liberia! (May 2022)

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