The most beautiful parks in Barcelona

At this point in the film I think it goes without saying that Barcelona It's a fantastic city. If it is number one in tourism in Spain it is for something, and if people speak well of it it is also for something.

Among the many leisure options that you have at your disposal when setting foot in Barcelona, ​​one of the most attractive is undoubtedly that of visiting parks. There are many, but surely the most beautiful are those that I mention below. Do you want to meet them?

Citadel Park

It is in Ciutat Vella, right next to the Barcelona Zoo and the Parliament of Catalonia. It was the only public park in the city for a long time and its name owes it to its location, since it was shaped on the old grounds of the citadel fortress. José Fontseré was in charge of designing it and its inauguration took place in 1881.

That said, it must be said that in the Ciudadela Park you will find more than a hundred species of plants, in addition to animals such as the ducks that enjoy in the lake. There is also a very beautiful waterfall flanked by statues, a giant mammoth with which everyone wants to be photographed, an area for children to play, a space for dogs to relieve themselves, a picnic area, ping pong tables ... even a man who makes huge soap bubbles so that the little ones are entertained by bursting them!

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Horta Labyrinth Park

In the Horta-Guinardó district is one of my favorite parks. It has the oldest garden in the city and it is a haven of peace. Peace and fun, as its labyrinth, drawn with cut cypresses, ensures you an afternoon of family entertainment.

It has been declared a Cultural Asset of Local Interest (BCIL) in the Catalan Cultural Heritage Inventory and one can hardly imagine why. Its 9.10 ha, divided into two clearly differentiated parts, go a long way. In fact, it even has the Desvalls Palace, which is named for the simple fact that the creator of the gardens was the aristocrat Juan Antonio Desvalls and Ardena.

Cervantes Park

If you want to brighten your eyes, Parque Cervantes is a very good option. Why? Well, because his collection of roses is a show that is not only worth seeing, but also smelling. It is very common to see people walking peacefully or playing sports, something that is not surprising thanks to its privileged location in the Pedralbes neighborhood. As if that were not enough, it also has a children's area with zip lines that delights the little ones.

Castell de l’Oreneta Park

It will cost you to park to go to the Castell de l’Oreneta Park, but going around will be worth it seeing how well the children are having fun despite the fact that no ponies since 2016. It is full of children's areas and has an emblematic scale train that is charming. The journey is very short, but it is very enjoyable. We have to pay 2 euros per person and it only works on holidays like Sunday. The park was opened in 1978 and was remodeled by the architect Patrizia Falcone in 1993.

Guell park

The park that most foreigners ask about is the Park Güell. That, obviously, has a very simple explanation: it was one of the creations of the famous architect Antoni Gaudí. It was signed by businessman Eusebi Güell and was built between 1900 and 1914, although its inauguration did not take place until 1926.

Gaudí's personal style is reflected in numerous elements and it is not surprising that he has been declared World Heritage by UNESCO as "Works of Antoni Gaudí". Despite being a public park, it has a regulated area that requires the purchase of a ticket to be visited. General admission costs 10 euros (free for children under 7 and 7 euros for children between 7 and 12 years old or people over 65 years old).

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