The most expensive hotel nights

Are you already thinking where are you going to go on vacation summer? Well, before making a decision, check the rates of the hotels where you would like to stay. Although we are still in times of crisis, spending a hotel night in some hotels in the world is a luxury. Spending a hotel night in Moscow can cost £ 265. This figure is £ 40 higher than the most expensive destination par excellence: Abu dhabi.

Although most of the world capitals have decided to lower the prices Of their overnight stays, in order to attract more tourists, many cities maintain quite high prices. According to a survey conducted by the Hogg Robinson Group (HRG), an international organization for corporate business travel services, the average of average fares (calculated in local currency) decreased in most of the cities.

However, for some tourists As for example the British, the fall in the value of the pound during 2009 meant that the price of Hotels in many cities it increased for them. Prices in Abu Dhabi increased by £ 32, in Geneva by £ 6 and in Washington by £ 9.

In New York, one of the most expensive cities, rates decreased by 23%. Here you have the list of the most expensive cities. If you are not looking well, spend a night Hotel in one of them can spoil the entire budget you had for your desired vacation:

- Moscow
- Abu Dhabi
- New York
- paris
- Manama (Bahrain)
- Milan
- Geneva
- Copenhagen
- Washington
- Athens

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