Advantages of the Oslo Pass

The other day, when we were touring five amazing places in Oslo, I told you about the Oslo Pass. It is a card that allows you free access to museums, tourist attractions, public transport and other types of activities in the city. It also offers discounts on guided tours, concerts, restaurants and shops.

Price of the Oslo Pass 2017-2018

If you want to get the most out of your visit to the Norwegian capital, it is worth buying. Of course, if you do not plan to enter museums, for example, it does not cost you. The Oslo Pass prices for 2017 and 2018 they are as follows:

- 24 hours: NOK 395 (about 40 euros)
- 48 hours: NOK 595 (about 60 euros)
- 72 hours: NOK 745 (about 76 euros)

For children (between four and 15 years old) and older (from 67) it is cheaper.

It's a matter of taking accounts. If you are going to travel by public transport and have the idea of ​​visiting several of the many museums in the city, it will be interesting for you. Along with your card you will receive a book with all the activities What you can do for free and the places where you will enjoy discounts. You can buy it at the Oslo tourist office (Oslo Visitor Center), in some museums, in hotels and also on the Internet. Keep in mind that in some places they only sell it in the summer.

A tour of Oslo's museums

If you like the museum tourism Oslo is a good place to enjoy incredible exhibition spaces. Some of those included in the Oslo Pass are the Norwegian Maritime Museum, Holmenkollen Ski Museum and the Jump Trampoline Tower, Viking Ship Museum, Edvard Munch Museum, Fram Museum, Kon-Tiki Museum, National Museum of Science and Technology, the Oslo City Hall, the Norwegian Folk Museum, the National Gallery, DogA (Norwegian Center for Design and Architecture) or the Museum of History, among others.


Free transportation with the Oslo Pass

In addition, you can use your Oslo Pass to move comfortably to the city. It is available for zones 1 and 2 and you can travel free by metro, tram, bus and local trains. In addition, it is also valid for the Bygdøy ferry (the one that leads to the museum area where the Fram is, for example) and for the boat to the islands of the Oslo fjord. In addition, the bus to Tusenfryd is also included.

Other free activities

During the months of June, July and August the so-called walks are organized Oslo Promenade, guided tours in English and Norwegian that will also be free with this card.

Also, with your 72 hour card You can also board the City Cruise at no cost, a cruise on an old sailing ship that travels inside the fjord. The journey begins at the Town Hall and you can see, from the sea, the Akershus Fortress and the Opera. Continue to the Bygdøy museums and return. You can do it completely, as a tourist visit, or get off at the stops to see each area more calmly.


On the other hand, there are other types of activities that you can also do with discounts offered by the Oslo Pass, such as visiting the Winter Park, the zip line park, the Tøyenbadet Pools, getting on the Holmenkollen ski simulator, eating in certain restaurants or shopping in stores such as Norway Shop, among others.

I said, if you were planning to visit the museums in Oslo, get around by subway, do some activity and buy souvenirs in their stores, Oslo Pass It can be very expensive. Just do your math and decide. And, if you have any questions, the tourist office will also explain how it works and how you can amortize it.

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