The Queen Charlotte Islands

The Queen Charlotte islands Over time, they have acquired the name of the "Galapagos" of Canada since their flora and fauna are unique. In any case, each year it becomes more evident that the true soul of the islands are themselves. The locals suffered terribly with the arrival of the western. Now, however, their culture is re-emerging and far more traces of their past can be found than typical iconic totems.

The protection of environment It is very important, since one of their main concerns is the maintenance of their continuously growing rain forest. In this jungle, you will find some of the largest firs and cedars in the world. Amidst this low population density, and with such a wildly beautiful place, it is normal that the whole area has become the home of white-headed eagles, bears, etc.

On top sea, the sea lions and the killer whales are the "kings" of the area. Recently, you have started to enjoy the sighting of blue whales. Visitors who come to the area to spend a few days off, end up confessing that they are trapped by its charm, culture and people. Most of the activities, are carried out inside the National Park reserve.

This park occupies the third lower of the archipelago. Named by National Geographic Traveler as "the park of North America" ​​this beautiful and intact part of the Queen Charlotte Islands, will allow you to find the beauty in pure state.

Haida Gwaii (Queen Charlotte Islands), British Columbia - beautiful wilderness (November 2020)

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