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Fuerteventura It is a world tourist attraction thanks to the wide variety of sports offered by the Canary Island. Apart from its wonderful beaches, live nature and warm climate, you can sports in the best conditions: windsurfing, kiteboarding, diving, golf, hiking, cycling, among others. Fuerteventura is a charming paradise to practice healthy outdoor activities.

Golf: Fuerteventura has four golf courses (Playitas Golf, Fuerteventura Golf Club, Salinas de Antigua Golf Club and Jandía Golf) that stand out for their beautiful landscapes in the most exclusive locations on the island. The good weather throughout the year, makes playing golf a unique experience to enjoy to the fullest.

Windsurfing: For lovers of water sports such as windsurfing and kiteboarding, they have a good opportunity to enjoy this beautiful island thanks to its 330 kilometers of coastline, with a great variety of magical corners, warm waters and perfect conditions for the waves to surf. In addition, there are learning centers for all levels with the best professionals.

Cycling: The island has a renewed road network with especially moderate traffic and hotel infrastructures adapted for all bicycle lovers. That is why professional cyclists have established themselves in Fuerteventura for training between competitions.

Trekking: Fuerteventura is completing an interesting project to rehabilitate all of the trails, which will make it possible to travel fifteen beautiful routes throughout the length of its coastal, desert, moon, volcanic and wet landscapes. Hikers will have a total of 255 kilometers of paths enabled to walk with ease.

Scuba diving: Fuerteventura is recognized for its sea beds of Atlantic beauty, with a rich flora and fauna. Surprising silhouettes of ancient volcanic rock formations can be seen. The best of all are the optimal climatic conditions, the sea temperature is all year between 18 and 24 degrees, a coastline declared a Biosphere Reserve. All surrounded by gentle sea currents and countless shelters at the bottom of the sea.

Kayak: Many adventurers are fond of this new fun that succeeds in Fuerteventura. Apart from practicing sports, it allows you to enjoy its coasts being viewed from the sea.

Swimming: As it could not be otherwise, Fuerteventura has avant-garde hotel facilities in which sports training in full is possible. For those who like swimming, they have an Olympic-size outdoor swimming pool and several trips to swim in the sea organized annually.

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