Elvis Presley's birthday

Every year, fans of Elvis from around the world celebrate the birth anniversary of the king of rock and roll. Elvis Presley was born on January 8, but during the previous days different events are held to commemorate the date. His hometown of Memphis hosts these celebrations year after year. The celebrations The most important ones that you can enjoy these days are: Elvis Birthday Dance Party, Elvis Fan Club Presidents ’Event, The Elvis Presley Birthday Pops and Elvis Insiders Reception & Graceland Tour.

These parties They have become sacred rites for fans of the artist who are able to travel half the world as long as they do not miss any of the celebrations. What no fan should miss is the tour of Graceland. This visit to the mansion can be done with a guided audio-tour with comments and stories about Elvis and his family.

The farm It occupies 14 acres, and during the visit you will discover an Elvis that not many people knew. The travel It includes visiting the living room, the music room, the bedrooms, the dining room, the kitchen, the TV room, the billiard room, etc. Also, behind the house, you can see where Elvis did sports and a small office.

Dazzling you will find the hall of records and awards of your favorite artist. Finally, you will visit the area where the artist and his closest relatives are buried. To attend these celebrations, you can find out more on the singer's official website (www.elvis.com)

Priscilla Presley on Elvis' 85th birthday (January 2021)

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