Burj Dubai, the tallest skyscraper in the world

The skyscraper has finally been inaugurated Burj Dubai to become the tallest building in the world and symbol of boom economy of the Persian Gulf Emirates, even though right now Dubai is in a major crisis due to its huge debt. The construction of the Burj Dubai (Dubai Tower in Arabic) started in late 2004 with about 12,000 workers. The inauguration has been delayed twice but now they hope it will become the symbol of economic recovery and to instill optimism in the country.

We all know Dubai, as one of the seven members of the United Arab Emirates, who has become known for his excesses such as the construction of an artificial archipelago of islands in the shape of a world map, two other archipelagos in the shape of a palm tree, or the erection of an artificial ski slope in the middle of the desert. Nothing is impossible for Arab checkpoints with a lot of money. A country where luxury it is their lifestyle.

The project is estimated to have had a total cost of about 1,500 million dollars (1,047 million euros at the current exchange rate). The official height of the tower remains a secret although it is pointed around the 820 meters. The tower has 3,000 parking spaces, 57 elevators, a viewpoint on the 123 floor, an observatory on the 124. Of the 206 floors it has in total, 156 are actually operative, from which the narrowing of the skyscraper becomes more evident. The first floors are occupied by Hotel Armani, the first of this brand. It will have rooms up to the 39th floor; Then 700 luxury apartments arrive, from the 45th to the 108th floor.

The skyscraper It is practically double the height of the Empire State Building. However, it won't be long before this tower gets too small. Well, a 1,050 meter high skyscraper is in the pipeline, the Nakheel Harbor Tower, which will also be located in the city of Dubai. Two other skyscrapers will also exceed one kilometer in height: the Mubarak al-Kabeer tower with 1,001 meters, in Kuwait, and another skyscraper, Murjan tower, 1,022 meters in Manama (Bahrain).

The building is made of reinforced concrete up to 586 meters. From this height (floor 156) the floors are made of steel, which makes them lighter. The foundation of this building is the largest ever built, as it has a system of rods 1.5 meters in diameter at its base and more than 50 meters deep. The Burj Dubai will house some 1,100 homes of exclusive qualities and almost all have already been sold despite the bursting of the Dubai real estate bubble.

Dubai Creek Tower: Building the World's Tallest Structure | The B1M (May 2021)

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