Montenegro essential tourist destination

Montenegro It is becoming one of the top booking destinations for 2010, according to Thomson and First Choice travel specialists. According to these tourism experts, many European countries are turning in "hot" destinations thanks to the striking features they have for many tourists.

Thomson assures that this increase in vacation in Montenegro is mainly due to the appearance of direct flights that some British airlines are starting to offer to the coastal city of Tivat. Montenegro's best-known neighbors, Croatia, are also starting to increase their visits, mainly to those fascinating labyrinths offered by some of the towns that make it up.

The touristsThey also want to visit the areas where you can see the sea, the mountains and the brilliant lakes. For many travelers these areas are ideal to relax for a few days on the beach and make cultural visits. They can also practice different sports like hiking or rafting.

Almost all the countries that Thomson and First Choice They have included in their list (there are also Turkey, Egypt, Mexico, Tunisia, Greece and Morocco) they are outside the euro zone, which for many indicates that British tourists are fed up with the poor relationship between the exchange rates of the pound sterling and the euro. Another inescapable destination for many British tourists is the Caribbean island of Cuba. Thomson assures that it will experience a great wave of British tourists due to the "invasion" of American tourists that will gradually increase.

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