Reasons to visit Scandinavia

As a tourist destination, Scandinavia it offers a beautiful catalog of landscapes that no traveler should miss; glacier deserts in the north, great forests and lakes in the south are remembered for a lifetime. Cities are interesting, clean and attractive. Here are a few reasons why you should visit Scandinavian countries.

- Unbeatable natural phenomena
Scandinavia is known for all the surprising phenomena that Mother Nature performs there. The most seen natural phenomena are: northern lights (Northern Lights), the midnight sun and polar nights.

- Very interesting cities
The metropolitan atmosphere, combined with the tradition and open spirit of its citizens, allows a warm welcome to all visitors. Stockholm, Sweden, Copenhagen, Denmark, Oslo, Norway, Reykjavik, Iceland, must be visited if traveling in the area.

- Countless outdoor events
Scandinavians love to celebrate outdoors, especially in the summer months. Not a weekend goes by where visitors can't enjoy an event in Scandinavia.

-Cheaper than many think
It tends to have a reputation for being quite expensive, but that's not entirely true. Today, and thanks to the Internet, you can get great trips at a fairly affordable price.

- Practice English
Yes, in case you didn't know, basically all Scandinavians speak English. All Scandinavian children learn the language at school.

- Short distances, good transportation
Take a look at a map of the area, and you will see how the distances are not excessively long. You can use various means of transport: train, car and even the CityBike service.

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