Florida's natural parks

Not far from the luxurious theme parks and other tourist attractions there is a different world in Florida that has forgotten about consumerism: Florida’s State Park System. This is the set formed by the beautiful state parks that became winners of the National Gold Medal State Park Award. This is quite an achievement for a natural system that is made up of 161 parks that occupy 700,000 hectares.

Don't be fooled into thinking that the parks in the area are just a pretty landscape made up of large trees, nature trails, and wildlife. Many of them also reveal a view interesting of the people, places and events taking place in this great state. There are parks that encompass historical sites, nature reserves, beaches ... each of them is unique. Some are found located in places so unlikely that it can only be accessed by boat.

One of the parks has a unique underwater observatory. Another of them has a museum. In each park you can enjoy activities very different: performances, musical parties, walks, special games such as treasure hunting, bird watching, hiking, walks on the beach, swimming, fishing, boat rides, etc.

Best of all, if you are planning to visit all these parks you will not spend a lot of money and you will have a great time. Each of them has a different admission policy. The fees are extensive and reasonable. The Florida State Park Annual Pass It is an option that you must have in mind. With it, you can access more than 100 parks.

South Florida's Fabulous Four National Parks (May 2022)

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