Travel to Estonia

Although it is the smallest of the Baltic countries, Estonia, makes its presence noticeable in the region thanks to its beautiful coastal towns and the green forests that form it. In Estonia, you can discover many cultural and natural jewels that will make your trip unforgettable. Its cosmopolitan capital takes hold in the midst of medieval splendor. Tallinn, the jewel in the crown of Estonia, is made up of cobbled streets and renovated 14th century houses.

Dozens of cafes and restaurants will allow you to rest for a while, after visiting the most historic churches and ruins in the area. By night, elegant lounges and clubs will offer you a more intense vision of the sexiest side of the city. Some visitors decide to stay during all their holidays in Tallinn, but outside the capital, in a bucolic landscape, many hides attractions.

The Lahemaa National ParkLocated in the northeast of Estonia, it will allow you to enjoy lush forests where you can take beautiful walks along the coast. To the south is Estonia's cosmopolitan and spiritual center, Tartu. It is characterized by its relaxed atmosphere and its charming ski slopes. Further west is the largest island in Estonia, Saaremaa and in it the towns of Angla, Karja, Triigi & Tuhkana, where windmills, lighthouses, pristine beaches and medieval ruins will transport you to another time.

During your trip to Estonia you can do a lot of activitiesFor example: walks on wooded trails, horseback riding along the coast, bird watching excursions, cross country skiing in winter and swimming in crystal clear lakes and rivers in summer.

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