Travel to Chennai

Chennai, also known as Madras, was a gateway to the south during British colonization. This colonization favored the construction of some monumental municipal buildings and a series of wide avenues with large gardens. It retains much of its traditional charm but has become a very bustling city. Maintains your pride culture, which is still very traditional.

Forget about finding a cosmopolitan city with great nightlife such as Mumbai, Bangalore or Delhi. Music, dance and different types of artistic activities are very widespread in Chennai And the Tamil film industry is huge. The religious heritage is still alive thanks to the old churches, the ancient temples and, of course, the wonderful area where the temple of Mamallapuram.

The city has grown dramatically over the past few decades and has enjoyed a rising economic notable in recent years, mainly thanks to a thriving industry. Heavy rains monsoon They can be a big problem in the region, and Chennai has frequently suffered destruction and chaos due to them.

Many roads are flooded and transportation is cut for several days. exist two periods of heavy rain that you should take into account if you are thinking of traveling there: from September to December and from June to August. The weather in summer is very hot, so much so that it becomes uncomfortable. That heat mixes with a sticky moisture. The best The time to make your trip is from December to March.


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