Hotel for Robinsones in Girona

Who did not dream of having a cabin in a tree as a child? Surely, most of us wanted or tried, with a lot of imagination, to build something similar to a cabin. Today that dream can be seen come true. In the population of Sant Hilari Sacalm in Girona, is the first hotel in Spain with hanging rooms of ancient trees. Access to them is done through walkways that hang between the trees, 7 meters high.

Upon arrival, each guest receives a series of instructions for the use of the facilities, in addition to providing a headlamp (there is no light, no running water). Each room has an area of ​​30 m2 and is equipped with a double bed, sofa, space for the toilet, toilet and closet. They also have a 10 m2 terrace, from where the first view is the tops of the trees.

The toilet it is equipped with a bucket inside which is a biodegradable bag with sawdust. Once used, this bag is recycled for composting and thus follows its natural cycle. The great advantage of all this process is that water is not used, nor is gray water treated, thus fulfilling the objective of becoming aware of the environment and sustainability.

Another curiosity is the breakfast, which is served in a basket, and is carried up to the room using a pulley. For reasons of organization and layout of the complex, complementary services such as showers, toilets, living room, dining room, pool and garden, are located in the farmhouse that is located a few meters from the cabins.

There are no restrictions to access the rooms, provided that the physical conditions are normal. The exception is children under 10 years old, if they are going to use the highest cabins. It is definitely the ideal place to disconnect from the madding crowd and be in tune with nature.

Martha Reeves & the Vandellas Girona 17/03/18 (February 2023)

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