Typical dishes and pintxos from the Basque Country

The Basque Country It is a paradise for gastronomy lovers. And it is that this autonomous community not only offers quality, but also a great variety. In fact, in its towns and cities you can find restaurants with new cuisine, traditional, spectacular design, simple, cozy ...

Without a doubt, one of the secrets of the success of the kitchen of the Basque Country at national and international level is the use of excellent quality products and raw materials. So that you know a little better about Basque gastronomy, today we are going to talk to you about the most typical dishes and pintxos in this corner of northern Spain.


La Gilda is the pintxo par excellence in the Basque Country. It only takes a toothpick, an olive, a anchovy salted and one or two chillies in vinegar.


The marmitako is a stew of bonito with onion, potatoes, pepper and tomato that has its origin in the fishermen Asturians, Cantabrians and Basques. It is usually served in a clay pot.

Beans with sacraments

During the autumn and winter many Basque restaurants incorporate the beans with sacraments to their menu as one of their dishes star. Its main ingredient is Tolosa beans.

Traditional style eels

I could not miss in this list the traditional style eels, which are made with elvers, olive oil Virgin, garlic and a piece of chilli.

Biscay cod

The main ingredient in Biscay-style cod is cod in salting, which is accompanied by the Biscayan sauce.

Cod with pil pil

Cod pil pil is made with three basic ingredients beyond cod: olive oil, garlic and chili peppers. The normal thing is to use a casserole clay for preparation and presentation.

Bonito fish with tomato

Bonito fish with tomato
The bonito with tomato is a simple dish that is made with basic ingredients such as tomatoes, garlic, hair and olive oil.


In the Basque Country snails are made in multiple ways, but one of the most typical It is combining the following ingredients: leeks, chives, chillies, onion, ham bacon, chorizo ​​peppers, fried bread, white wine, oil, parsley, water and salt.

Chops to the shoot

The cutlets with vine shoots are made in a grill placed on the live coals of a fire made from vine shoots.


The curd is usually made with milk of goat, although it can also be made with whole cow's milk. The normal thing is to accompany this dish with honey.


We also have to talk about goxua, a dessert made with Biscuit, whipped cream, pastry cream, syrup, sugar and cinnamon. The ideal is to make the sponge cake, cream and cream at home.

Hake in green sauce

Hake in green sauce is usually served in a clay pot with a egg hard chopped. In addition to hake and green room, it includes clams.

Basque cake

Basque cake is a dessert that originates from the Basque-French Lapurdi region. It is filled with cream pastry.

Potatoes with chorizo

Potatoes with chorizo ​​or la riojana is a dish originating in La Rioja, although it has spread to regions nearby. Its three main ingredients are potato, chorizo ​​and paprika.


Sukalki is a stew meat ragout that due to its high caloric level can be consumed as a single dish.


In the Basque Country, crab and a series of popular dishes made with meat are called txangurro crumbled of this seafood.

Txipirones in their ink

Baby squid-in-your-ink
As its name indicates, the txipirones in its ink are made with little ones pieces of squid cooked in their own ink.


Finally, we must talk about the zurrukutuna, a Soup garlic and cod to which ingredients such as parsley, green pepper, choricero peppers, toast and eggs are added.

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