The tallest hotel in the world will be in Hong Kong

The hotel World's tallest will open in Hong Kong in 2010. This is the year chosen for the new Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong hotel to welcome its first guests. With 312 rooms, the soaring building will have a total of 118 floors. This will make the new hotel the tallest in the world, according to the construction company, although this claim is debatable.

Today that title has the impressive Rose tower located in Dubai. It measures a total of 333 meters and consists of a total of 72 floors. The Ryogyong Hotel in Pyongyang, North Korea, with its 330 meters and 105 floors, follows closely behind. The third tallest hotel is the Burj Al Arab (Dubai) with a height of 321 meters and 60 floors.

In this case, the new Ritz-Carlton, will house a shopping center inside, so the specialists in this type of hotel, Emporis, have explained that the measures as a hotel will be reduced, with only 90% of the building being computable, so it may not become the tallest hotel in the world. Regardless of the final measures, the case is that the trend of building luxury hotels for everything Asia It continues to rise, despite global economic turmoil and a recession in the tourism industry.

Last week, different media commented that in Shanghai (the largest city in China) a total of almost 4,000 new rooms will be built in different luxury hotels, while Hong Kong is waiting for 11,000 new rooms.

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