Perfect destinations to visit by yacht

- Caribbean
The Caribbean is a blessing of crystal blue waters, white sand beaches, and sunny skies year round. It is not surprising then, that this region is considered a mecca of tourism. It has literally hundreds of very exciting and spectacular vacation destinations for every budget and every lifestyle. When you make the trip by yacht, be sure to visit the different islands found in this region; Barbados, Bahamas, etc.

- Blue Coast
Also known as the French Riviera, this remains one of the most exclusive vacation destinations in the world. From the old playgrounds of Saint Tropez to the decline of luxury in Cannes hotels, the Cote d'Azur has become an unforgettable destination for all those travelers looking to experience the finer things in life on a yacht.

- Adriatic
It is the ideal place for sailing lovers and all those who go in search of extensive natural coasts. Here you can find more than 1,800 islands interspersed with large reefs and wide rocky caves. Sailing along the coast you will discover some of the best examples of Roman architecture in Europe. Be sure to explore the most popular tourist towns on the Split coast, Dubrovnik, as well as Porec with its winding cobblestone streets.

- Phuket
Also known as the la Pearl of the South ', this region of Thailand is surrounded by the Andaman Sea in the Indian Ocean. Phuket is made up of inlets, bays and sandy beaches. It is a very popular destination among sportier tourists, and is considered the most luxurious sports destination in Asia.


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