10 unknown jewels of Granada

At the foot of Sierra Nevada, in Andalusia, we find one of the most popular cities in Spain. We are referring to Pomegranate, which impresses with its Andalusian legacy, although it also offers Renaissance architectural jewels and modern facilities that are worth discovering.

The best-known corners of Granada are the Albaicín neighborhood, the Alhambra and the Generalife, places declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, but this Andalusian city with an unmistakable Arab aroma has much more to offer. Today we talk to you about 10 of their jewelry more unknown, corners that we propose from the Official Tourism Portal of Granada. Would you like to join us?

Zafra House

First of all, we want to talk about the Casa de Zafra, an architectural treasure from the Hispano-Muslim period that shows the history Alive of the Albaicín. Other houses and monuments from the Arab period that you can find in the city are the Moorish house El Horno del Oro and the Arab baths of El Bañuelo.

Royal Room of Santo Domingo

In the Realejo-San Matías neighborhood we find the Royal Room of Santo Domingo, an old Almohad palace that houses an impressive qubba from the Nasrid period, located inside a tower on the wall of the Arrabal de los Alfareros. Its decoration is also surprising.

Sacromonte Abbey

Another jewel of Granada is the Sacromonte Abbey, which presides over the top of the Valparaíso valley. Without a doubt, it is the icon of this traditional neighborhood. This Christian building is the end point of the procession of the Christ of the Gypsies during the city's Holy Week.

Rodríguez Acosta Foundation

We also have to talk about Carmen from the Rodríguez Acosta Foundation, which is located on the Mauror hill. It is a studio building designed by the painter José María Rodríguez Acosta at the beginning of the 20th century. Eclectic in style, it is surrounded by beautiful gardens.

Manuel de Falla House-Museum

The Manuel-Falla House-museum could not be missing from this list, a beautiful house located on the Alhambra hill that allows you to get closer to the memories and personal belongings of the great composer friend of Lorca.

Carmen by Max Moreau

We also propose the Carmen of Max Moreau, a Belgian artist who chose the Albaicín to spend the last years of his life. It is a charming house-museum that allows you to discover what a Carmen typical of Granada, with its house, its orchard and its garden.

La Churra viewpoint

The Mirador de la Churra is one of the most unknown in Granada but, without a doubt, observe the colors of the Albaicín carmen at sunset from this corner of the city is worth it.

San José Cemetery

Another quite unknown jewel of Granada is the San José Cemetery, which is located on the Alhambra hill. This is one of the greatest examples of graveyards monumental Europe. Among other things, it surprises for the incredible views of Sierra Nevada and the Alhambra it offers.

Conception Monastery

We also have to talk about the Concepción Monastery, one of the most important monasteries ancient and representative of Granada, although it is also one of the most unknown. It is located in the heart of the Albaicín and houses countless pieces of art.

House of the Pisa - Museum of San Juan de Dios

Finally, we must talk about the House of the Pisa - Museum of San Juan de Dios, the house in which died San Juan de Dios, which is located very close to Plaza Nueva, at the entrance to the Albaicín.

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