Iberia will charge to check luggage

Iberia just announced that it joins the rates of the companies low cost in what at the price of baggage check-in it means. The first suitcase will now cost 15 euros if billing is done over the Internet. If done at the same airport counter, that price will go up to 25 euros. The second suitcase will already cost 75 euros via the Internet and 100 at the airport.

These price changes will serve for journeys in Spain, Europe and Israel. For flights to America and the rest of the world the first suitcase up to 23 kg. free invoicing will continue. Neither will the fees of the airlift and those who have an Iberia Platinum, Gold or Silver card will have many facilities.

The legislation of the European Union It allows companies to charge for bags regardless of the price that each passenger already pays for transportation. The Consumer Associations They are already working so that this cost is permanently eliminated.

Lastly, to say that these changes will be effective for all those tickets issued from October 20.

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