Places where you can be attacked by animals

Despite humanity's "mastery" and "superiority" on planet earth, there are still plenty of creatures out there, willing to kill (and even eat) if given a small chance. There also continue to exist all those to whom the adrenalin It makes you go to meet these animals and want to get out alive to tell about it.

Matt Kareus, owner of Natural Habitat Adventures, which organizes safaris around the world, explains that most guides on african safaris They say that the buffalo is the most dangerous animal, because they are easily scared and their first instinct is to attack, although for him, there is nothing more deadly than finding a hippopotamus in the water at night. The people who live in Alaska, ensures that a moose is much more dangerous than a huge bear. All of these statements depend on the circumstances surrounding that first encounter.

The fear factor often depends on personal experience. For Australian guide Mark Christensen, the saltwater crocodile is the most avoided creature. One of the most important guides of TanzaniaGeorge Mavroudis considers the African lion to be the most dangerous animal. In North America, bear and cougar attacks have increased considerably, as have tiger attacks in parts of Asia.

At the same time, fiction movies and books remind us that animals instinctively move and can attack on the spot. The problem: people decide to invade their territory and the animals are cornered without being able to leave, so they decide to defend themselves. So be careful when choosing your next ones holidays.

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