Visit Macedonia

The mountainous area of Macedonia it still has that mysterious air that envelops all visitors. At the same time, the old and new areas are fighting hard to get the place they deserve in the post-communist world. The black robes of the Orthodox monks have become an essential part of the landscape of the area and are a “show”For any tourist. Young people, dressed in the latest in Italian fashion, drink coffee in the most elegant bars in the capital.

For all those who love outdoor excursions, Macedonia is your ideal destination. Its extensive desert allows hikers, climbers and skiers to enjoy unforgettable days. You must visit Mavrovo, its impressive National Park, located in western Macedonia. There you can enjoy the best tracks of ski of the country and the stunning views of the Alps.

Meanwhile, the ancient ruins will fascinate all those who seek to know the history of the area. The monastery of Sveti Naum is incredible. The city of Ohrid It is one of the strengths of Macedonia. Hide a beautiful lake that you should not miss. The capital is a place where the buzz of European stereotypes and the most unexpected places coexist giving very interesting results.

Apart from the spectacular mountains, lakes and rivers, the hospitality of people will make you want to repeat your trip at least once more.

Why You Should Visit Macedonia (April 2021)

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