Organize a trip to Mali

For the more adventurous travelers, Mali It is a destination not to be missed. Camel rides through Timbuktu, stunning landscapes, etc. They will be part of one of the most unforgettable trips of your life. If what you are thinking about is organizing some camping nights in the middle of the Sahara, you should know some tips fundamental to guarantee you a more pleasant stay.

Depending on your language skills, communication can be a problem for non-speakers. French. Find a good guide who can help you. If you feel like walking through the alleys to find different gifts and objects that you want to bring, remember that most speak French and even many of them only speak the local African language, Bambara. Once you leave the cities and go to the small towns you will be able to lose yourself completely (dialectically speaking) since most of them speak their own dialects local.

As a tourist you can get a lot of attention from young children. You can hear how many scream the word ‘Tubaboo‘, Is the term used by Malians to refer to foreigners and is never pejorative. The scream is followed by the phrase "Donne-moi un cadeau‘, which is a request for sweets, goodies or just for money. Watch out with the young boys who offer their services as city guides. They are very fast to take the money and leave you lost in a maze of streets.

You will have to bargain for everything you want to buy. Buying for the first price they tell you will make you look crazy and can affect other tourists. As a tourist you are, Malians know that you can pay high prices, and the negotiation of the price, no matter how well you are given, will never reach price that exists locally.


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