Chicago: House for sale next to that of President Obama

It is known as "Second City", but little by little Chicago It has become number one when it comes to cultural events, restaurants, and shopping. Located next to Lake michiganThese days it is on everyone's lips since the house next to the official residence of President Obama in the city has been put up for sale. Do you like living next to President Barack Obama? Well now you have a great opportunity.

The house has a total of 6,000 square feet (557 square meters) and is located at 5040 of South Greenwood. The owners of the said house, Bill and Jacky Grimshaw, have explained that they hope that the buyer is mentally prepared to live in the middle of a security camp. For now, nothing is known about the sale price. The possible buyers They are making an appointment to go visit the house, but these will be subjected to a strong selection process.

The owners have lived in the house since 1973. The house was built in 1906 by its first owner who was a colonel who ran a military school. What is clear is that the main protagonist of this story is becoming a tourist attraction.

So if you decide to visit the city these weeks, you can go for a walk around the area and take a look at the famous house of Obama's neighbors. Remember that winters Chicago can be tough, so be prepared.

Here's President Obama's house. Will he move back? (July 2024)

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