Notting Hill Carnival

Notting HillLocated in the west of London, it may seem a very distant area to the impressive Caribbean, but during the last weekend of August its streets explode with the noise and supercharged color of the purest carnival, with a multitude of people that can reach a million people. The Notting Hill Carnival has grown from 1964. It started out as an almost insignificant celebration until it became the largest carnival in Europe.

Throughout their 5 km (3 miles) of route, the participants dress in their most ostentatious clothes so as not to stop dancing to the rhythm of the music bands that move to the best reggae rhythm although they do not forget the mixes with the best jazz, soul, hip-hop music. hop, funk, etc. Carnival is organized with four Different modalities: masquerade and costume dancing, steel bands, calypso and soca (Sounds of the Caribbean and Africa, a peculiar fusion of musical styles).

In recent years, carnival has developed more to include rhythms from other countries such as Latin America and developing countries. Sunday is traditionally reserved as Children's Day where the little ones take charge of the carnival. The bands and artists that appear that day are all under 21 years of age and a lot of activities are prepared for the little ones to enjoy. You can get to the carnival in the following way:

Train- Arrive at London Paddington Station, then travel by coach or on foot.
Meter: Due to the large number of people attending the carnival, the stations in the area are closed.
Walking: Just follow the crowd.

Notting Hill carnival: a love letter to London's biggest parade (May 2024)

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