Exclusive services with British Airways

British Airways will launch an exclusive and luxurious service for its most select clients. The new project, designed for business class, is based on different transatlantic flights where you can enjoy a bed to rest and the latest technology in communications. This new company service will consist of two flights newspapers whose route will be London-New York. The aircraft used will be 2 Airbus A318s made up of 32 seats, configured in a special way.

The price of ticket It will be around £ 1,900 and, during the journey, passengers will be able to send emails and documents without any problem using the Internet while they fly from one city to another. A small drawback will be the stopover that the plane must make at the airport of Shannon in Ireland, to refuel, since the City of London runway is too short to handle such an aircraft with a full tank of fuel.

BA has explained that even if this scale is made, the Travellers They will also save time as the Shannon stop will be used to clear US customs. This will allow that once they arrive at the JFK airport in New York, passengers do not have to carry out these procedures there.

This new project is quite risky for BA. Other companies with business services such as Eos and MaxJet had to remove their exclusive services a few months after starting to offer them. BA is optimistic and believes that its luxury service will be a complete success.

British Airways Flight Experience: BA795 Helsinki to London (Heathrow) (May 2021)

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