Sex shops in Madrid

The capital of Spain It has in its downtown district a lot of places where you can not only find sex (prostitutes) you can also go shopping for some of the sex shops most important in the city. One of the largest sex shops in the capital is located on C / Atocha. This street is directly connected to the well-known train station of Atocha.

Through this downtown area that we discussed, you can also access the museum of erotic art in Madrid. In 800 meters, spread over 2 floors, you can see everything that surrounds the world of eroticism and sexuality in reproductions of pieces from ancient Greece or different graphic material from the 18th century. If you are going from the Sol area to Gran Vía, do it on the Montera street. This street is known for being the usual place for a lot of prostitutes.

On the same street you will find some establishments that besides being sex shops You can enter the booths and enjoy small shows. Be careful if you visit it at night, although there is currently a lot of presence police, in the wee hours of the morning the people you will find in the area do not they are highly recommended. During the day do not worry.

If you want to keep looking sex shops, the most elegant and fun you will find in the area of Crooked. There you will find stores such as the well-known "" and "The temptation lives upstairs" where in addition to finding a lot of curious devices you can have a good time.


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