Visit the Red Sea

If you want to spend a dream vacation, this is your destination. The best time to visit the Red Sea It is from September to May. Rarely (that is, almost never) does rain occur and humidity is very low. The worst Times to visit the area are at Christmas, during the Easter school holidays (too many people) and from June to September (suffocating heat).

The temperature throughout the region it is around 30 ° C during the month of May (26 ° C at night). The water temperature at that time is 24 ° C. From February the temperature drops to 20 ° C (16 ° C at night), and the water temperature is 20 ° C. The month more hot is August. They can easily reach 42ºC during the day and 33 ° C at night.

It is an ideal destination, since in addition to allowing you to enjoy the vision of impressive reefs coral and great beaches, its prices They are very affordable and surely you do not spend too much money. The beaches are characterized by their fine sand. This is a very curious fact since ironically 98% of the area is desert and is made up of very sandy gross.

The tourist area of ​​the Red Sea is characterized by its large resorts that are located along its beaches. On the east side you will find Dahab. This part is characterized by the lack of activity of said resorts and will allow you to make visits to the monastery of Saint Catherine, and make quick visits to Israel and Jordan. To the west of the coast is Hurghada and a group of new cities that you must visit.

Travel to THE RED SEA // Hurghada, Egypt مصر (June 2023)

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