Amazing meals with GH Mumm around the world

Last July, GH Mumm partnered with renowned chef Mauro Colagreco to create a gastronomic lunch on a sandbar. GH Mumm chose a place that if you have not yet visited and have the opportunity to do so sometime you should not miss it: the Great Barrier Reef. This proposal has become quite a challenge for the Chef, mainly due to the natural environment resources where they were found.

Preparing food gourmet It may sound strange on an iceberg or sandbar, but it really is only a problem for the chef who is going to make the exquisite delicacies. Imagine if you are the one who has to taste their creations: incredible. The main novelty in this third Mumm Explorer experience is that GH Mumm has announced that only ten lucky people will have the opportunity, exclusively, to participate in the fourth Mumm Explorer that will take place next July 2010 in the desert of Gobi.

In order for you to enjoy this unique experience you will have to participate in a contest that the champagne house is already launching. The first trip led the graceful to Greenland. It took place in July 2008 and a dinner was held in the middle of an iceberg of the Sermilik fjord. The second Mumm Explorer experience led them to the Antarctica, and the dinner was made by the exquisite chef Gérard Boyer.

These three experiences in different parts of the world aim to demonstrate that everything is possible anywhere in the world if what is intended is to be a good tourist and get to know the most remote corners of the planet. Also, it's a great Bell advertising.

G.H. Mumm Cordon Rouge Grand Champagne | Wine Review & Bottle Design (February 2023)

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