Cryptozoology around the world

The cryptozoology it is the study of hidden or unknown animals. Today there are a lot of travelers who use their movements around the world to find and visit places where there are legends about strange animals. One of the most wanted animals in U.S it's the Bigfoot or Sasquatch. In Scotland It is unforgivable not to pay a visit to the famous Loch Ness to try to see Nessie.

In U.S.A. there are other places you must visit if you want to know the legends from: Mothman (West Virginia), Thunderbird (Lawndale, Illinois), Chessie (Lake Champlain) and the Jersey Devil (Pine Barrens of New Jersey). Obviously the USA have known how to do a good market tourist around these legends, so your trips can be the most entertaining.

Africa it has another group of legends: Dingonek, the Gambo and the Adjule. In JavaEveryone has heard of the mass appearances of a strange animal named Ahool. In England a strange feline? It has been appearing for years in different places, it is the Beast of Bodmin Moor. You can also meet other legends along the Norfolk, Suffolk and Essex coasts.

Given this wide variety of bizarre legends, it's no wonder that at some point, for many tourists, monsters go from causing simple interest to becoming an obsession. This is the case of Loren Coleman, author of 30 books and TV advisor. Loren has come to open the International Museum of Cryptozoology in Portland, Maine. If you want to have a good time you can not miss this curious museum where you will find photographs and very curious objects.

International Cryptozoology Museum - Portland Maine (January 2021)

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